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About Our Company

Snap Delivered Biz is a team of Independent Representatives that market the Snap Delivered opportunity to Restaurants, Drivers, and Customers Globally. This unique opportunity allows anyone to make money in the Restaurant delivery business by simply referring people to the service via a referral code and making a commission every time that person gets food delivered.

Current delivery compaines in the market are gouging Restaurants with anywhere from 15% to 30% fees on every order, we want to change that at Snap Delivered. We want to help save the restaurants that are struggling with staying in business in these difficult times.

We have created a simple business model where anyone can earn money just by referring Restaurants, Drivers and Customers to Snap Delivered. Lock arms with us to leverage this business model for you and your family to earn some additional income on this 100 billion dollar market projected to grow to 200 billion by 2025.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To Save the struggling Restaurant Industry!