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Snap Delivered Loves it Competition

Snap Delivered Loves it Competition

Competition in the business world is often viewed as a negative thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Competition can benefit you, and especially your customer!

Every once in a while a company comes along and disrupts an Industry. Snap Delivered is one of those companies. What is the definition of a company that disrupts an Industry? Simple it is a new company that does something so radically different than its competitors in the industry. It disrupts the way the industry markets its services or how it is perceived by the customers in that market!

When this happens it gives that company a unique position to capitalize in the industry. Grab a big part of the market share. The food delivery industry is over 100 billion yes billion by 2025 it is expected to double to over 200 billion. The industry is dominated by three major players you know who they are and a few smaller ones trying to grab their market share. All of them have pretty much the same business model and are very expensive for all the players involved in the food delivery transaction. The Restaurant, Driver, and Customer either pays outrageous fees or in the case of the driver has fees taken out of their pay.

Now comes Snap Delivered with a completely different model a disruptors business model.

First of all, take care of the Restaurants that is the key, a restaurant only gets charged a 2 dollar flat fee for the food order to use the Snap Delivered network, not like our competition that charges up to 30% of the order. On a 100 dollar order that is 30 dollars compared to 2 dollars for Snap Delivered. That alone is awesome for the restaurant but wait there is much more here is where it gets crazy. What if the restaurant could actually make money off that delivery? Here is how it works

If the restaurant refers a driver to the Snap Delivery network and a customer they earn a commission on what the driver makes and what the customer pays for delivery. But wait there is more what if the restaurant referred another restaurant into the Snap Delivered network? Yes, you guessed it right the referring restaurant would make a commission off EVERY order from the referred restaurant, and if they referred a driver same principle applies, and again with the customer. Crazy isn’t it!

So if a customer is referred by a restaurant in the Snap Delivered network and that same customer gets a delivery at a different restaurant yes you guessed it the referring restaurant made another commission. So all of the sudden not only is the Restaurant covering all of it’s delivery fees it is also generating a new stream of income off delivering food. Simply Genius. Not the typical business model our competition uses with their restaurants which I am sure restaurants can attest to.

Now, let’s take a look at a driver in the Snap Delivery network. They make a flat $3.00 plus ,50 cents for every mile over 5 miles plus 100% of their tips. Here is where the driver can make more money by not even driving, refer other drivers, customers, and restaurants into the Snap Delivered network. Make a commission EVERY time one of those referrers participates in a delivery in the Snap Delivery Network! So as a driver you are making money as you drive and when your not. Not the typical driver business model our competition uses for their drivers as I am sure the drivers can attest to,

How about our favorite person in this model the person who makes it all happen all of our bosses the Customer. Well for only 10 dollars a month you can get unlimited deliveries to your house for all the restaurants in the Snap Delivery network not only participating restaurants like our competition does. And yes you guessed it if you refer your family and friends to the Snap Delivered Network or restaurants and drivers yup you get a commission to EVERY time they use the Snap Delivered Network! So the Customer could easily get back the 10 dollars a month plus make some good money on the side.

So do we love our Competition at Snap Delivered you bet it is because of them we will be a disrupter in the food delivery industry, Thank you for being who you are!

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By Todd Raymer

My name is Todd Raymer and I have been building companies for over 25 years! Thanks for taking the time to read my Article I hope you enjoyed it!

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